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File: Qulight UI04-26-17
release 6.2.1 -- added artifact b...
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release 6.2.1 -- added artifact bar -- updated aurora -- minimized chat bubbles -- and some minor fixes About errors - please get screenshot with error code Спс большое за обнову, есть в&#...
File: Qulight UI04-01-17
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Возникает ошибка при взаимодействие с любым торговцем...
File: Qulight UI03-28-17
Отличная сборка
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Хочу сказать спс ребятам которые занимаются этой сборк...
File: Zork UI10-07-16
A clean ui with future
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Thanks for this awesomr ui, i love clean ui , of course is more to work but i hope you will continue this project. And one question how to update your ui, need to copy/paste or need a clean install ?
File: Mono UI07-21-16
Anybody update this awesome ui ? Pls
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Anybody update this awesome ui ? Pls
File: Mono UI02-26-15
I've done a tiny update for 6.1 for...
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I've done a tiny update for 6.1 for overflowing names in the unit frames, there is some weird change to text rendering in 6.1. Ended up just shortening the name from 20 characters to 19 and it stopped overflowing and shortens the name properly. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28546/oUF_mono.zip Yea Thanks i see this on you...
File: Mono UI02-22-15
Is there an updated git repository...
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Is there an updated git repository for the addon? Unfortunately not, I've been pondering about making one mostly to keep track of all the changes I do. It will be nice. i love mono ui. and thanks for your updates
File: Mono UI02-21-15
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https://gist.github.com/The-sMi/e72dd9a74483ff90c5ef if you have a english client you have to change the instance name. I believe you have the wrong instance IDs in your file. = 994, -- 477 = 988, -- 457 Those should be the correct ones. Check pm pls
File: Mono UI06-09-14
Проект заброшен
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Как я понимаю сборка не обновляется давно уже ( печаль хо&#...
File: Mono UI10-07-13
Message: ...face\AddOns\m_UI\elemen...
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Message: ...face\AddOns\m_UI\elements\modules\cooldown_count.lua:50: attempt to index a nil value Time: 10/07/13 09:32:30 Count: 1 Stack: ...face\AddOns\m_UI\elements\modules\cooldown_count.lua:50: in function <...face\AddOns\m_UI\elements\modules\cooldown_count.lua:47> ...face\AddOns\m_UI\elements\modules\cooldown_count.lua:58:...
File: Muted Sounds -LEG10-01-13
Can you muted also legendary cloack...
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Can you muted also legendary cloack proc ?
File: Muted Sounds -LEG11-29-12
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And again thanks for this addon, hope you will be update him regulary
File: Mono UI11-15-12
Boss Mod
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Как я понимаю в списке аддонов нет босс мода никакого, ил&#...