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File: BenikUI v212-05-15
Heya, Would love to know where I...
Posted By: Silvy
Heya, Would love to know where I can find the option to recolor the Unitframe Orange Border.. Been looking around in /elvui unitframes. I find all of the other small bars to recolor but I can't seem to find the unitframe borders /Silv
File: DuffedUI v810-17-15
Heya! I have a problem, some of my...
Posted By: Silvy
Heya! I have a problem, some of my auras don't show on KUI nameplates, and I can't find where the luafile is to add the spellID for e.g. Mark of Doom, which is essential for Arcane DPS. Another thing is I can't seem to access guild bank options with this UI, and I can't unmount my followers on e.g. the Yak from MoP. Otherwise,...
File: DuffedUI v809-03-15
Hello! Fantastic UI. A couple of...
Posted By: Silvy
Hello! Fantastic UI. A couple of questions though. How do I add/remove spells to track on classtimer? How do I add/remove spells to track on cooldowns? Are there ingame options or do I have to find the correct lua files for that? If so, in what files? Cheers Silv
File: SyiUI 6.0 - Syiler / Syigamer's UI - 1920x108002-12-14
Posted By: Silvy
Hey man! Awesome UI, clean as hell. One problem for me is that DBM won't autoload, and when I manually load the instances, no bars show, at all. I can manually adjust the bars, naturally, but even so they don't show during encounters. I suppose some addons are in conflict with one another? Also, I have a lot of Skinner errors w...
File: TellMeWhen11-18-12
Regarding TellMeWhen 6.0.4: I ha...
Posted By: Silvy
Regarding TellMeWhen 6.0.4: I have set up Icons for trinkets/invocation/Living Bomb etc. However, after this update I can no longer see Icon Timer Texts, even though they're marked in options. Any Ideas? Silv