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File: Frantik's UI01-12-13
How do I get my target debuff frame...
Posted By: Monkooli
How do I get my target debuff frames look as clean and sleek as the player debuffs? It only shows as really big borders with ugly coloring like this: http://imgur.com/YHg82
File: rBuffFrame01-09-13
How can I disable the debuff frames...
Posted By: Monkooli
How can I disable the debuff frames? Something I need to disable on Blizzards end?
File: rBuffFrame01-05-13
Change anchors
Posted By: Monkooli
I may be a bit oblivious but I have looked everywhere in the LUA files but can't find anything that I could change the direction where the buffs will face.
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)12-21-12
Posted By: Monkooli
I'm wondering how can I make my buffs able to be cancelled by clicking? I read the description in the buff section and it said ''Buffs can be cancelled by right-clicking the red box''. I'm puzzled as to what this red box is.
File: KuiNameplates12-15-12
Posted By: Monkooli
Hello, I really like this addon but one thing that I would need for it to fit in my UI is a monochrome setting. I can't really find the option for it in the LUA files so can you lend me a hand?
File: NeedToKnow12-07-12
Font outline
Posted By: Monkooli
Is there an option to create outlines for the font? I really want it to blend in with Quse DBM skin, which has outlines on the font.
File: Powbaer Ui11-22-12
Posted By: Monkooli
Looks really cool, i'm wondering what is the Masque skin you are using? It looks sweet.
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Grey]11-21-12
Posted By: Monkooli
Hey, I really love the work you have done with this, and i'm just wondering is there a way to completely remove the minimap from this texture pack? I don't really like it and i'm using Qusemap at the moment but I have a problem where the Quseminimap suddenly changes scale, and it immediately goes back to normal when I disable MiirGui...