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File: Clique08-30-12
I believe that Searing Totem is at...
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I believe that Searing Totem is at lv 16 (at least according to WoWHead.) There is also a totem on the lv 15 tier of talents. Or you could create an 85 on the Beta realms :-p Thanks for the macro. I'll poke at that in the mean time. ETA This wasn't an issue before the massive change to totems with 5.0 but now I have to be...
File: Clique08-29-12
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Is there a way to bind casting a specific totem (without binding a macro)? If I click on 'Water Totem' it tries to bind the generic Water Totem ability which then does nothing when I then try to use it. If I open the water totem menu before opening the clique window and then try to bind one of totems nothing happens. No errors gen...