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File: Buffet03-15-08
Another great addon from Tekkub. I...
Posted By: Gemini_II
Another great addon from Tekkub. I also liked the idea behind BaudConsumables and Munchies but not enough. Buffet is perfect for all my toons. Highly recommended. If it eventually supports zone-specific consumables, it'll be even more perfect then. :cool:
File: X-Perl UnitFrames10-15-07
Minor bug since 2.3.7
Posted By: Gemini_II
Very minor but thought you should know. I noticed this bug since 2.3.7 and in the revisions since. Everytime I relog or reload my UI my player frame nudges upwards about 2 pixels. It's not major, but something is causing it to happen. I notice because it blocks my buff timers when it moves. Haven't noticed it on any other frames....
File: Skillet09-24-07
Very nice! I just switched to Skill...
Posted By: Gemini_II
Very nice! I just switched to Skillet from ATSW and I'm happy with the change. Small suggestion would be to change the queue slider to arrows, for easier control, otherwise keep up the good work.