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File: PlateBuffs 5.1 Update12-03-12
I know my question stinks but pleas...
Posted By: celina
I know my question stinks but please answer Osiris, is there a way to make work platebuff with omnicc again ? :confused: I don't know what you mean by with omnicc, I run omnicc and platebuffs works fine. here is how it used to work before patch http://i.imgur.com/UybZc.png u could see timers on the overlay which doesnt work a...
File: PlateBuffs11-28-12
Re: Re: 5.1
Posted By: celina
For those wanting to restore functionality to patch 5.1, simply update LibNameplates. Download link: http://www.wowace.com/addons/libnameplate-1-0/ extract to Interface/AddOns/PlateBuffs/libs :) i replaced the old folder with the new 5.1 libnameplate-1-0 one and it is still not working :( any advice? u need to make sure i...