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File: FreeUI03-26-14
Hello everyone! Yesterday I decided...
Posted By: mapclmao
Hello everyone! Yesterday I decided to update DBM and Free UI. So I did it and next day, when I logged into the game, saw this. I tried to delete WTF folder, reinstall Free UI, downloaded it thousand times, but nothig worked. Of course, I googled it, but no answer was found. Anyone got this problem before or, maybe, addon creator wi...
File: FreeUI04-07-13
Hello there, I would like to thank...
Posted By: mapclmao
Hello there, I would like to thank all the authors of this great UI. I've been using this compilation for about 2 months but i have 1 question anyway :D How can i place countdown for my exlposive shot. I mean so it could be like other debuffs on target (with numbers). Thanks for help :D http://s24.postimg.org/rwk8zvtyt/image.jpg
File: Rufio UI Classic11-29-12
update question
Posted By: mapclmao
hi, guys, i'm having some annoying problems with whoaUnitFrames (it is part of Rufio UI) and castbar (it has totally disappeared). i guess it's because of outdated version of UI. if not, please, let me know what's wrong with it (if anyone have the same problem). thanks :)