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File: ChocolateBar (Broker Display)02-20-11
Label text
Posted By: Fron
Is it just me or does the label text not work on this mod? I have had to go into plugins and recode them to get the label text in. It's getting a little old to have to do that.. Also the plugin TB Timer doesn't want to load with Chocolate bar, but loads fine with other bars.. could this be looked at?
File: ChocolateBar (Broker Display)02-12-11
Posted By: Fron
Is it possible make the background of a bar transparent, but yet the text of the addon visible? What I am trying to do is place some plugins with vital stat displays in areas that would seamlessly blend into my current layout. Edit: Nevermind!!! I found it :)
File: MarkingBar01-09-11
Re: Re: Re: Updated
Posted By: Fron
Originally posted by joshmiller83 Mine is as well. I have been doing some reading including the 4.0.6 patch notes and it could be the same issue other addon authors are talking about and that is that Blizzards UI is Tainting itself. Date: 2011-01-09 12:05:06 ID: 1 Error occured in: AddOn: AtlasLoot Count: 1 Message: Error:...
File: MarkingBar01-09-11
Re: Updated
Posted By: Fron
Originally posted by silentstone7 New version 2.0.3 is up, it adds a lot of the requested features and corrects the problems with the world flares that was causing taint. If anyone has other suggestions, please comment or PM me! New Version is still causing taint issues for me.
File: Magic Marker12-16-10
Is it just me or??
Posted By: Fron
I simply cannot get the auto marking part of this to do anything intelligent. The concept is great, but no matter how I set this up, it either doesn't mark anything or it just puts up random symbols with no sense of anything.. sometimes not even including the main symbol i want (skull).. I want to be able to use this in 5 man hero...
File: MiniMount11-04-08
Plug in?
Posted By: Fron
This mod would be great if you could add LDB-based display functionality. I would love to be able to just click an icon in Titan and have MM summon up me an appropriate mount. There is a mod called Titan Mount, but it doesn't summon up a random mount, which is what i really want... Any chance of making MM ldb compatible?
File: AnnoyingBuffReminder10-31-08
Hunger for Blood doesn't work for m...
Posted By: Fron
Hunger for Blood doesn't work for me.. just doesn't trigger. Can you check it? Looking at the code it looks like the Hunger for blood is in the Unit_mana if statement, which probably never triggers for a rogue. Seems like this should be in its own loop like the warrior one is.
File: Broker Factions10-30-08
The type is so large and there is n...
Posted By: Fron
The type is so large and there is no way to make it smaller that I can see. I'm using it with Titan and all the other mods have the type the size I want, however this plugin the type is much larger. Is there a way to address this?
File: Titan Companions10-22-08
Feature request
Posted By: Fron
Nifty dodad.. I like both this one and the mount plugin. However it would be real nice if you had the option to just click the icon and have it randomly summon a companion (or mount). (taking into account flying mounts for outland and riding for azeroth) and always choosing the fastest type available. Love to see that added!
File: AnnoyingBuffReminder10-19-08
Could you please add Hunger for Blo...
Posted By: Fron
Could you please add Hunger for Blood? (Rogue Mutilate 51 talent)
File: BasicMinimap10-19-08
Nice mod but I lose the tracker ico...
Posted By: Fron
Nice mod but I lose the tracker icon until I zone.. then it comes back.. but it doesn't have anything inside it. Very odd looking.
File: Masque: Trinity10-18-08
Rep bar?
Posted By: Fron
Maul, love your work BTW... Would it be possible to make a button facade that would allow "dressing up" the XP bar and Reputation bar? I would love to be able to have a Glossy modern Trinity looking Reputation bar... Is it possible?
File: WhisperCast01-04-07
/wc cast doesn't work for me. Wheth...
Posted By: Fron
/wc cast doesn't work for me. Whether i type it or do it with a macro. I'm using Chatmod and Trinity Buttons. Titan doesn't cast, but will clear the queue. The only way i can cast is to click the button on the UI (which i really don't want to display.)