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File: Shadowed Unit Frames08-08-09
Originally posted by Shadowed Gil...
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Originally posted by Shadowed GilliamII: SUFHeader for raid/party and SUFUnit for everything else. There's no reaso it wouldn't recognize the framenames, but I don't know how they are being detected. Thank you, Shadowed! Got it about 95% working now. I had set incorrect names for the frames and thus it couldn't fin...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames08-07-09
What are the names of the unit fram...
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What are the names of the unit frames? I am trying to use this addon in conjunction with Extreme Unit Buttons and it does not recognize the frame names. I have tried several from poking through the SUF files but I don't understand enough of what I am looking at to find what I need. Can anyone help?
File: Bagnon03-25-08
Getting error popup
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"Interface\Addons\Bagnon_Core\Events.lua:20: attempt to call method 'IsVisible' (a nil value)" Happening every time something goes into my bags, whether the window is shown or not. EDIT: Also getting this when trying to bring up the main menu (with esc key) "Interface\Addons\Bagnon_Core\core\frame.lua:361: attempt to...