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File: FuBar - QuestsFu03-25-08
Thanks for this
Posted By: Nightmaiden
I've been halfheartedly looking for a MonkeyQuest replacement for some time now. With 2.4 being released today I figured it was about time to get serious about it, and even though I haven't used it yet, this addon is bound to be perfect for that because it was inspired by MonkeyQuest.
File: Deadly Functions03-25-08
Still works
Posted By: Nightmaiden
I'm going through getting new addons for 2.4 and stumbled upon this one that I had made oh so long ago. It still works up through 2.3 and I don't forsee any difficulties in 2.4 either. I may make sure it works and then update the TOC and upload the new version later today or whenever.
File: SpellBinder11-24-06
Works great once I got the missing...
Posted By: Nightmaiden
Works great once I got the missing library installed! I set each of my mounts to a different key combo: Y for my Purple Skeletal Warhorse, Shift-Y for the green one, H for my Felsteed, Shift-H for my Dreadsteed.
File: Cirk's Chatmanager06-26-06
Re: Re: Re: 1.11 version
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WOOT a 1.11 version!
File: Cirk's Chatmanager06-23-06
Re: 1.11 version
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Originally posted by Snarfle Is there a new version coming out for 1.11. I noticed an error when booting the game today. I'll try and get the text if needed. I haven't seen Cirk on lately. I don't know his alts' names, but I have him on my friends list so I can bug him about it ingame. :-) There is a critical bug with this a...