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File: OhSnap01-18-15
How I updated libs
Posted By: Penpiddin
Hi, the way I did it was download the latest zip of ACE 3. Download it here http://www.wowace.com/addons/ace3/ Extract it to your desktop and open it up - in there u will see a load of folders. then u go into the "worldofwarcraft/interface/addons" folder inside wow and find the ohsnap folder in there. Inside ohsnap ad...
File: OhSnap12-21-14
I updated the libs which helped reduce bugginess for me
Posted By: Penpiddin
Yeah... I don't like PvP that much anymore, so haven't got a great interest of running around in battlegrounds trying to recode this addon. I do have plans for OhSnap2 but it's currently in so primitive condition that I can't even call it a working addon. I updated the libs to latest versions in my personal files and this seem...
File: OhSnap12-13-14
Warnings remain on screen intermittently
Posted By: Penpiddin
Hi, I love this addon, but I can confirm that it's mainly working but occasionally the warnings will not disappear when the "buff or debuff" has disappeared and remain "stuck" on screen. doesn't happen all the time and I am not sure if its a class related issue or not. Hoping its an easy fix for you as this addon is a major...
File: BGlocate12-30-12
Folder name was incorrect on original file
Posted By: Penpiddin
I have updated the download to show the correct folder name for the Zipped file. For those who have downloaded it already and it doesnt work simply change the main folder name to "Locatebuddy". The addon will then work fine. The latest file will work correctly.