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File: Cloudy TradeSkill08-25-16
yes, tabs look weird, could you mak...
Posted By: Cloudyfa
yes, tabs look weird, could you make a update :banana: I already did that (as u can see in the screenshots below) and will include Aurora & ElvUI support next version, working on other features and improvement atm :)
File: Cloudy Tooltip Mod08-23-16
Re: Specialization
Posted By: Cloudyfa
The screenshot shows "Specialization" on the tooltip, but it's not on your description. Is that still part of it? Thanks! iLevel and Specialization come from my other addon: CloudyUnitInfo
File: Cloudy TradeSkill08-23-16
really love this addon, extremely u...
Posted By: Cloudyfa
really love this addon, extremely useful, thanks for your awesome work :) just one thing, is that possible to make it support aurora :banana: I've just downloaded Aurora to test, it works pretty good already: http://i.imgur.com/Bhm21JJ.jpg Or you mean you want all tabs to be skinned like this? http://i.imgur.com/HkkswRh.jpg
File: Cloudy TradeSkill07-30-16
I'm at same wagon. I did use Trades...
Posted By: Cloudyfa
I'm at same wagon. I did use TradeskillDW as well. I didn't use so much Queue in TSDW and rest of your addon does all what I need. Thank you. I was lamenting the loss of my favorite tradeskill addon TradeskillDW. Not anymore! Thanks so much for the awesome addon! :D Its perfect thank you so much!!!!! Glad you guys love it :)...
File: Cloudy Tooltip Mod07-26-16
have some suggest if can make it :)...
Posted By: Cloudyfa
have some suggest if can make it :) hide Faction options (freebtip has a good future which show faction icon as a alpha background) hide pvp options class color border show tooltip health/bigger health bar :banana: Lastest version already had class color border ;) The faction icon bg seem to be a nice idea but I'm not sure a...
File: Cloudy TradeSkill07-26-16
Re: Tabs
Posted By: Cloudyfa
Any chance you can add tabs to switch which profession your are on? Like http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info6948-TradeTabs.html We are sorely lacking tradeskill addons and seeing someone working one a new one is awesome. That's a nice suggestion, I've added that feature in latest version ;)
File: Cloudy Tweaks07-23-16
Love this addon! It combined a lot...
Posted By: Cloudyfa
Love this addon! It combined a lot of other addons I had so I was able to delete them, plus added a few extra helpful features. I'm really enjoying it. Is there any way you could add an option to choose between guild and personal funds as repair priority, though? If not, I'll probably have to just download a second addon and disab...
File: Mapster05-28-13
This latest version has problem wit...
Posted By: Cloudyfa
This latest version has problem with Boss icons. The game controls visibility of boss icons now, Mapsters option for this was removed. Yep, I know that but your code still remain that variable check which cause problem at line 305: if db.showEJBosses then bossButton:SetPoint("CENTER", WorldMapBossButtonFrame, "BOTTOML...
File: Mapster05-24-13
Re: Fog of War Error
Posted By: Cloudyfa
Fog of War error with 1.5.3 Because patch 5.3 changed NUM_BATTLEFIELDMAP_OVERLAYS, it's not global variable anymore. We should use BattlefieldMinimap:GetAttribute() and BattlefieldMinimap:SetAttribute() instead. It can be fixed by editing FogClear.lua - Line 1510: Replace for i = 1, NUM_BATTLEFIELDMAP_OVERLAYS do With for...
File: Mapster05-22-13
A new version is available now, whi...
Posted By: Cloudyfa
A new version is available now, which should work properly on 5.3 This latest version has problem with Boss icons. Maybe you deleted this row in "profile" block by accident: local defaults = { profile = { ... showEJBosses = true, ... } }