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File: MayronUI Gen501-08-13
Question about fonts
Posted By: Beroost
I have one more question about the UI. Is there an easy way to adjust fonts and font sizes for gear, profession panels, and other tooltips that come up. Also what is the addon that displays gear on mouseover? Thanks
File: MayronUI Gen501-07-13
Hello. Thank you for the response....
Posted By: Beroost
Hello. Thank you for the response. I'll try out aura frames like you suggested. Just raided with the UI last night and really liked it. So thanks again :).
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Druid Dream of Cenarius
Posted By: Beroost
Hello I just have a quick question maybe someone can help me with. I play a feral druid and love this addon for keeping track of bleeds on my current target and buffs on myself such as Savage Roar. I use the Dream of Cenarius talent and am having a slight issue. With other UIs/spell timer addons it will track Dream of Cenarius as...
File: MayronUI Gen501-06-13
Help with class timers
Posted By: Beroost
Hello Mayron. Just want to say I'm trying out your UI after being a long time elvui person and I'm really liking it. Have a couple questions though. In elvui you could modify your powerup spells on yourself and debuffs on the target by changing their color. For instance I could make savage roar on myself turn yellow and rip and rake...