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File: MayronUI Gen503-06-13
I am going to be updating this UI v...
Posted By: LoTower
I am going to be updating this UI very soon for patch 5.2. Most likely tonight so do not panic! I've just been exceptionally busy with work and I hope you like the upcoming features and changes! So far everything works alright just by updating the various addons, but definitely looking forward to the new creation!
File: MayronUI Gen502-25-13
Re: Re: antialiasing
Posted By: LoTower
help im having a issue, how to i access my lists of mounts and such? it's a very nice mod but im alittle lost right now without the abilty to find my mount listings lol Mouseover on the bottom menu bar, where you have the latency and FPS numbers. There the whole menu voices should open and give you all the standard choices. En...
File: MayronUI Gen502-08-13
Re: ty
Posted By: LoTower
I gave up because I could not in any way solve the problem thanks to everyone who helped me! Don't give up! Trust me when I say that, been myself around for quite some years, there is really no interface like this in the "market". You will find a lot of nice looking interfaces, but that will be a nightmare to get going and/or kee...
File: MayronUI Gen502-06-13
Just to clear out doubts. I'm a Mac...
Posted By: LoTower
Just to clear out doubts. I'm a Mac user and the interface works perfectly for me. On the topic: nice to see an alive community trying to support. Keep up the wonderful job folks!
File: MayronUI Gen501-29-13
Re: Re: Small issue...
Posted By: LoTower
KG Panels aren't running. Try running the MayronUI Setup (by enabling the addon and reloading or enabling at login). If the Panels still don't display then you likely either have KG Panels disabled or you removed them by mistake when updating. I know I'm not Mayron, but the same troubleshooting worked for me. You are a star, it wo...
File: MayronUI Gen501-29-13
Small issue...
Posted By: LoTower
Hey Mayron, I just wrote a couple of weeks ago to compliment you on the wonderful job done - still using your UI pack and loving it :) Small issue today when I upgraded to v. 2.0.5 = I followed the manual procedure to upgrade to 2.0.4, also did the same for the upgrade to 2.0.5 following your instructions. Everything looks like...
File: MayronUI Gen501-17-13
Very, very nice UI - and one small glitch
Posted By: LoTower
Hi, Awesome UI, using it and does what I need - thank you so much! Just one small glitch. I have moved the chatbox on the upper left corner as per instructions. The chat bar art though is still visible though. So even when I dont type anything, I can still see the chat bar (and its art) just below where the faded chat window is....