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File: Old Main Menu Micro Button02-22-14
Thanks for this. I feel the same wa...
Posted By: garak8402
Thanks for this. I feel the same way about that new button. Cheers!:)
File: UnitFramesPlus12-25-13
Just wanted to say this is a truly...
Posted By: garak8402
Just wanted to say this is a truly awesome addon, and many thanks for writing it. It works fine in 5.4, but like the post below would love to see it stay up to date. By far my favorite unit mod, and I've used dozens over the years :).
File: rThreat04-12-13
missing rLib
Posted By: garak8402
the latest release is missing the rLib folder, should I download an older version to get it?
File: Paging01-17-13
Posted By: garak8402
Im having the same issue as nKweo. Ive been using a razer naga with shift alt and ctrl to hotkey for a while now, so when I seen this I was eager to give it a try since Id only need one main bar on my screen. The first macro I added 6;; WILL work in areas where the extra action bar appears. Another example of this is a Klaxxi you...