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File: MayronUI Gen502-01-14
Issue with 3.2.5 (latest I think?)
Posted By: Aurriura
Hey Mayron, Just i'd firstly say that I love your UI, and secondly would want to know why I have this issue stated in the picture below. http://postimg.org/image/a8w0iljk3/ It was working in the previous version, but when i did a clean install today, for the newest installation, it has seemed to mess up a lil, Any ideas?
File: Shadowmage's UI 1920x1080 (Wide)03-30-13
Re: Re: Bag slots
Posted By: Aurriura
Hey, have been having trouble moving bags with the new UI version. I can't find the bag bar, and bartender says it's already visible. Any ideas? press b to open bags, at the top of the big bag frame is a small bag icon. push it and it will show the bag bar thing that allows you to add/remove bags Yeah :P I figured this out when...
File: Shadowmage's UI 1920x1080 (Wide)01-22-13
Cast bars.
Posted By: Aurriura
I'm wondering if you can move the cast bars on this UI? When the enemy is casting, it appears over the enemies debuffs and gets kinda annoyiing.