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File: MayronUI Gen511-16-17
Bagnon skin
Posted By: Aurriura
Hey Mayron, Love the UI. Keep coming back to the UI suite when I come back to WoW. However, you mentioned that you used to support the Bagnon in the suite, does this mean that you skinned the bagnon window as well? Is this possible now if I download/install the addon?
File: MayronUI Gen502-01-14
Issue with 3.2.5 (latest I think?)
Posted By: Aurriura
Hey Mayron, Just i'd firstly say that I love your UI, and secondly would want to know why I have this issue stated in the picture below. http://postimg.org/image/a8w0iljk3/ It was working in the previous version, but when i did a clean install today, for the newest installation, it has seemed to mess up a lil, Any ideas?
File: Shadowmage's UI 1920x1080 (Wide)03-30-13
Re: Re: Bag slots
Posted By: Aurriura
Hey, have been having trouble moving bags with the new UI version. I can't find the bag bar, and bartender says it's already visible. Any ideas? press b to open bags, at the top of the big bag frame is a small bag icon. push it and it will show the bag bar thing that allows you to add/remove bags Yeah :P I figured this out when...
File: Shadowmage's UI 1920x1080 (Wide)01-22-13
Cast bars.
Posted By: Aurriura
I'm wondering if you can move the cast bars on this UI? When the enemy is casting, it appears over the enemies debuffs and gets kinda annoyiing.