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File: SLDataText09-04-11
Posted By: Moosetrax
Anyone know of a way to fix the memory leak? If you use a mod to track memory usage you will notice that SLDT constantly increases. I know it's been that way for a long time but I thought maybe someone found a solution.
File: We Know!08-04-11
I don't know e42randy, maybe you sh...
Posted By: Moosetrax
I don't know e42randy, maybe you should use the first line of that quote as your signature. :D
File: SLDataText07-07-11
@ snichols1122 & Siannus I am us...
Posted By: Moosetrax
@ snichols1122 & Siannus I am using this version of SLDataText without the errors you are encountering. I was looking over the posted error text and noticed that the issue is a conflict with Altoholic and the DataStore Modules that come with that Addon. If you are both encountering the same error you may consider replacing/upda...
File: JS' Hunter Bar06-28-11
This is such a useful mod for Hunte...
Posted By: Moosetrax
This is such a useful mod for Hunter's! Have you ever considered making one like it for Rogue's? It would be so awesome!
File: Aurora06-20-11
A bug in hand...
Posted By: Moosetrax
Found a bug running around and attached it below. _______________________________ 7x Aurora-2.2\aurora-2.2.lua:2954: attempt to index global "DBMRangeCheck" (a nil value) Aurora-2.2\aurora-2.2.lua:2954: in function Locals _______________________________ BTW I like both of your samples, but the top...
File: Spell Stealer05-11-11
Sounds like a great addon! One q...
Posted By: Moosetrax
Sounds like a great addon! One question though; will it work for a Death Knights Dark Simulacrum? If not could it?
File: The Undermine Journal05-09-11
Awesome! I have to say that I di...
Posted By: Moosetrax
Awesome! I have to say that I did not expect to like this mod as much as I do! I had been using Going Price, but this is so much more accurate and so much easier to get the trends for my server without the AH Scan BS. Thanks so much for all the work that went into this! And again for sharing 8^) To anyone who has not tried t...
File: nibRunes04-10-11
Any chance you could be talked in t...
Posted By: Moosetrax
Any chance you could be talked in to adding timers?
File: Infusion of Light03-13-11
I like the idea for your mod! It wo...
Posted By: Moosetrax
I like the idea for your mod! It would be great if it worked on Dominos as well. Any chance of adding compatibility?
File: Aurora03-09-11
If the options are leaving your mod...
Posted By: Moosetrax
If the options are leaving your mod as is with continued support or no more support, my vote would be for leaving the mod as is with continued support. It's far too cool to lose! And I for one truly appreciate your hard work! I understand completely how you could get inundated with requests. The rest of us who simply use this ultr...
File: WeightsWatcher03-07-11
I just tried your mod last night an...
Posted By: Moosetrax
I just tried your mod last night and while I really like the idea behind it, and think it could be very useful, I believe I may need some clarification in one respect. I use the weights as given in the forums on elitistjerks.com and it would appear that some form of conversion needs to be done to use those weights with your mod. I...
File: Aurora03-04-11
Conflict Causing Decreased FPS
Posted By: Moosetrax
There seems to be an issue when using this mod and one or more of the following mods which causes interface lag (Mapster, HandyNotes, and or Gathermate2). I encountered this issue last night while flying over Twilight Highlands searching for herbs. When opening the zone map the screen would freeze for a few seconds and fps would drop...
File: Basic Threat Bar02-28-11
Originally posted by Shackleford...
Posted By: Moosetrax
Originally posted by Shackleford 1. I may add some scaling later on but don't have any plans for it at the time, much smaller and it's not as noticable and much larger and it seems too big. 2. It sort of has this option right now, if you mean more on the lines of not clickable this one is on my todo list. 3.Again this is part...
File: Basic Threat Bar02-28-11
I have been using LDB-Threat for a...
Posted By: Moosetrax
I have been using LDB-Threat for a long time now and this is a welcome change, Thanks! Three questions though: Can you make it so that the threat bar can be re-sized? Would it be possible to make it so that the bar can be locked into place? Could you add the ability to hide the bar when out of combat?
File: MikScrollingBattleText02-28-11
Never mind that man behind the curt...
Posted By: Moosetrax
Never mind that man behind the curtain... figured it out on my own.
File: Aurora02-26-11
More lua related questions?
Posted By: Moosetrax
Great mod by the way I really love it! My questions are related to adding additional frames for other mods to your lua. I read over your description of how to add other mods, however, I may have a couple that are of the challenging variety (Altoholic, Auctionator, and Duugu's AHExtend). Is there any resource you could direct me to...
File: Bandager (Fan Update)02-03-11
Posted By: Moosetrax
I appreciate you keeping this mod alive, it's an old favorite of mine.
File: Faceroller01-17-11
DK Frost Issue
Posted By: Moosetrax
After applying this patch the mod is no longer compatible with the DK Frost priorities found at the following link. I have gotten pretty used to the priorities myself, and no longer need the assistance, but I am sure there are others who would still benefit from it. DK Frost Priorities edit for typos & title
File: Worgen Sniff Mute12-10-10
Thanks a lot for the mod! It is exa...
Posted By: Moosetrax
Thanks a lot for the mod! It is exactly what I asked for! The other day when I asked whether or not this could be done I didn't expect there would be controversy. My apologies for being an instigator indirectly.
File: Worgen Transform Mute (Worgen)12-09-10
Just curious, would it be possible...
Posted By: Moosetrax
Just curious, would it be possible to make one to silence the Worgen snorting sound?
File: Kong Automatic UI Hider12-04-10
Is there any way to have an item sh...
Posted By: Moosetrax
Is there any way to have an item show or hide when moving? For instance, if I only want the mini map to show when I am moving.
File: mRunes11-14-10
Is it possible for the rune bars to...
Posted By: Moosetrax
Is it possible for the rune bars to empty vertically rather than horizontally? I have tried several things but regardless of what I try the rune bars always empty left to right, not top to bottom.
File: Altoholic10-17-10
I got this error when trying to tur...
Posted By: Moosetrax
I got this error when trying to turn in a daily quest in Northrend that allowed me to select a reward. Once the error occurred I could not select a reward or turn in the quest until Altoholic was turned off. 15x DataStore_Quests-4.0.001\DataStore_Quests.lua:392: bad argument #1 to 'bOr' (number expected, got boolean) DataStore_Qu...
File: EventAlert10-16-10
Awesome thanks! Two requests......
Posted By: Moosetrax
Awesome thanks! Two requests... Would it be possible to add an option to adjust the alpha? Could you add more variety in the scaling (currently there are three options technically)? One Error... The error I get seems to be related to the sounds, it doesn't seem that you can actually change the sound to a different one in the...
File: Better Inbox10-16-10
Thanks for the update! One of my...
Posted By: Moosetrax
Thanks for the update! One of my long time favorites, I was still using it even with the errors 8^)