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File: Shadowed Unit Frames08-16-09
Frame strata
Posted By: gothic
Is it possible to lower the strata on unit frames, more specifically the health/mana bars in the player frame? I have my player frame towards the bottom of the screen and Blizzard's new totembar, when expanded to show all available totems of that element, shows below the health/mana bars, but above the background of the Player f...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames07-07-09
Rep/XP bar tooltip
Posted By: gothic
Looks like there is a slight bug with the new Rep/XP bar tooltips. I set the Brood of Nozdormu to "Show as exp bar" (Or whatever that checkbox is called), and noticed that the numbers and percentage are a bit off. My toon is currently Hated with the Brood, so the tooltip says: Brood of Nozdormu (Hated): -38,250/-6,000 (637...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames07-03-09
Debuffs on target
Posted By: gothic
With the current push (20090703), I can't seem to see debuffs on my target under certain conditions. I have my buffs showing above the target frame, and debuffs below. With this setup, I can no longer see debuffs. If I move my debuffs to the top of the frame alongside the buffs, I can see debuffs. It appears as long as the debu...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames06-07-09
Party Pet in Party Frame
Posted By: gothic
Any chance we could get a additional (toggleable) bar added to the party frames to show the party member's pet health without using the seperate Party Pet frames? Or perhaps a "Blank Bar" option that we can fill out the tags manually to get the desired result.
File: Squeenix10-21-08
Originally posted by baz1200 I ca...
Posted By: gothic
Originally posted by baz1200 I can't seem to get the calendar to show up on the minimap, when I check and uncheck to show minimap icons under squeenix options the calendar appears, but when I do /rl, it disappears again. Make sure none of your other mods are hiding the Day/Night orb from the minimap. ClockFu will do this, as (...
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames07-23-08
Originally posted by Global @goth...
Posted By: gothic
Originally posted by Global @gothic: I'll have a full set of options for this in Perl 3.x, but I have no plans on adding this to 2.x. Sounds good. When can we expect the beta of 3.0? ;)
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames07-15-08
Totem Timers
Posted By: gothic
Any chance we can get an option for the Totem Timers frame to appear directly above the player frame (Instead of just below, as it is now)? Right now I'm just changing: TotemFrame:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", Perl_Player_StatsFrame, "BOTTOMLEFT", 0, 0); to: TotemFrame:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", Perl_Player_Frame, "TOPLEFT", 0, 50); Bu...
File: Parrot03-27-08
Re: Re: Broken in 2.4
Posted By: gothic
Originally posted by gabbag Yeah I assume it's the new combat log that stops it from working. Hope it gets updated soon. ckknight mentioned here that an update is probably not going to be coming soon.
File: TipTac02-26-08
Originally posted by Aezay Doesn'...
Posted By: gothic
Originally posted by Aezay Doesn't Perl Classic have an option to turn off tips on the unit frames? No sir, not that I've noticed in the config.
File: TipTac02-25-08
Double tooltip
Posted By: gothic
Recently installed this mod to test as a replacement for TinyTip, and so far it's working wonderfully, save one problem. When I mouse over *very* limited areas of my unit frame (In this case, Perl Classic), I get the default Blizzard TT and also the TipTac TT. An example is here. It's not a large problem because, as I mentione...
File: Bartender307-20-07
Re: feature request
Posted By: gothic
Originally posted by PS_PADRE It would be great to add some features: 1. Page Swapping on mouse scroll over the bar Hold down shift when scrolling the mouse wheel.
File: PotencyFu05-31-07
Re: :)
Posted By: gothic
Originally posted by ploof thanks for this! My pleasure.
File: Detached MiniMap Buttons12-21-06
Simple Minimap
Posted By: gothic
I did some digging and found out that DMB is causing SimpleMiniMap to do something odd with it's coordinate frame. On UI init (Login, reloadui, etc), the coordinate frame 'resets' itself to the lower-left corner when it's set to be in some other location. If I disable DMB, the problem ceases to be, so I'm posting this note o...
File: Bongos211-14-06
Re: Re: Changing the Button skins?
Posted By: gothic
Originally posted by Tuller Change of plans: I'm in the beta now and working on a new version of Bongos. There is a god. It seems a lot of authors are creating an entirely new project for their BC-compatible mods, so was wondering if you had planned to do that also, or will you be posting your BC-compatible version here?
File: RicoMiniMap11-13-06
Quest Text
Posted By: gothic
Only problem with moving the minimap to the right, you also move the Quest Tracking, and various other (And, imho, less important) frames right off the side of the screen. I know these frames can be moved, as Detached Minimap Buttons does it, so I wonder if you could write into the mod to move at least the Quest Tracking frame t...
File: Bongos211-12-06
Re: Re: Burning Crusade
Posted By: gothic
Originally posted by Tuller The soonest I can expect to be able to work on a new version of Bongos will be whenever the PTRs open. D'oh! Well, if you ever change your mind, I'd be happy to help test it out.
File: Bongos211-12-06
Burning Crusade
Posted By: gothic
Don't suppose there is a BC version of this mod in the works? Became so use to this mod in Live, can't get along without it in Beta.. =D
File: FuBar 3.6.508-14-06
FuBar_Panel.lua:110 error
Posted By: gothic
Error: Interface\AddOns\FuBar\FuBar_Panel.lua:110: AceOO-2.0: Improper self passed to init. You must do MyClass.super.prototype.init(self, ...) I started receiving this error today also, though I been using FuBar2.0 since it's release. Then I recalled that I had updated TinyTip to the latest version 1.4.11... Dropping back...