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File: oUF Phanx11-20-14
Soon™ Probably this weekend. Eve...
Posted By: Chasylein
Soon™ Probably this weekend. Everything is basically working, but I was in the middle of some fairly major changes to the aura filtering system and need to do some actual testing to make sure things are really working, eg. for other classes and in the config panel, before I post a release. Any time frame on soon™? :) Your fr...
File: oUF Phanx11-06-14
Thanks for a fantastic set of Unit...
Posted By: Chasylein
Thanks for a fantastic set of Unit Frames, Phanx! Any ETA on the 6.0 update?
File: oUF Phanx01-29-13
Aggro Glow
Posted By: Chasylein
I can't seem to get aggro glow to work, it's like the feature isn't there. Tried disabling all other addons, doing a fresh install of both oUF and _Phanx, solo/party/raid - no luck. Is anyone else having issues with the aggro glow feature?