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File: Power Bars12-22-10
Vote in favor of adding Combo Points . . .
Posted By: ysrafel
I truly appreciate your addon, I think it is the best for the items you have selected to display. I would like to put in a vote in favor for your addon to also display Combo Points. I believe then this addon would truly be complete. I will understand if you have misgivings about adding anything, but I figured I should post a vo...
File: Molinari06-23-09
Experiencing same issues as other users
Posted By: ysrafel
I'm experiencing the same problem with Molinari as other users are reporting. Currently, it is the only add-on in my Interfaces folder. For testing purposes, I am just trying to prospect Copper Ore. I have tried the ore in many different bags. Holding down alt and hovering over the ore, and holding down alt while clicking does...