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File: MaximumAction08-20-14
Is there a way to have Right Bar an...
Posted By: Belhatite
Is there a way to have Right Bar and Right Bar 2 stay to the right of the screen? Requests: Option in the lua to - Scale +1 adding an option to move stuff might be too much to ask, but it would be awesome(right now my bag/microbar is floating instead of clamped at the button right of my screen.) because i use my stance bar ve...
File: Sell Grey & Repair08-11-14
Re: Re: Notifications?
Posted By: Belhatite
Thank you in advance. If it is an option others will use I will consider adding the option to choose which notifications are announced if any at all are. Hi and thank you! The list of items being sold. I myself would like to see that list just to make sure the addon sells only grey items.. it can be spammy though! Still someon...
File: Sell Grey & Repair08-06-14
Posted By: Belhatite
Hi, nice addon! But how do I turn off notifications? Could you explain which ones you are talking about? The list of items being sold? The amount you earned? The amount paid for repairs? All of them? Only one? Thank you in advance. If it is an option others will use I will consider adding the option to choose which notifica...
File: MaximumAction06-10-13
Build 16992 Coming Soon!
Posted By: Belhatite
can we get a screen shot of what this actually looks like without downloading it first? I will get an updated screenshot posted as soon as I am able.
File: MaximumAction04-13-13
Re: Nice mod but a couple things...
Posted By: Belhatite
When I first installed it, the scale was very small. If I turn UI scaling off, it looks about the size it should be. Scaling can be adjusted in the LUA file which I did. The other issue is the micro/bag bar is above and to the right f the bar in a really strange place. Is this just me or was this intentional? I have the micro butt...
File: ShoutOut03-23-13
Update coming soon
Posted By: Belhatite
I am presently working on doing some recoding to allow for different messages to be used depending on the type of spell used, as well as to allow for other types of buffs such as food being placed out in a group or raid setting, or a soulwell being placed, or a repair mount, things of that nature. Look for an update to be posted in t...