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File: DecUI06-29-13
Posted By: Taeri
So I don't know if I did something or not, but I can't find an option to turn my cast bar on. Target cast bar is working fine. Thanks in advance.
File: TaeriUI (1920x1080)03-22-13
I updated everything and the unit f...
Posted By: Taeri
I updated everything and the unit frames should be fixed now.
File: TaeriUI (1920x1080)02-02-13
Thanks. Also, finally got Chocolate...
Posted By: Taeri
Thanks. Also, finally got ChocolateBar figured out. Uploaded the change, and everything should work like it should.
File: TaeriUI (1920x1080)02-01-13
Chocolate Bar
Posted By: Taeri
I've noticed that ChocolateBar, the data broker addon, isn't saving correctly. I'm working on figuring it out and will post an update when I do.