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File: Mono UI03-04-14
Dismiss Pet causes Error
Posted By: m1lch
Hi, Dismiss Pet (right click pet frame) causes an ui error an wow wants to disable ouf mono. Is there a workaround ?
File: Mono UI01-23-14
Re: Stack and Sort button in bags
Posted By: m1lch
Hi there. i love this UI!!! is there any way to get a stack and sort button or does anyone else know about a UI i can use to get Stack and Sort in my bags? :) Addon: BankStack works fine with monoui (sorts guildbanks either...)
File: Mono UI01-22-14
Hey Mono, 2 Problems: 1. Your D...
Posted By: m1lch
Hey Mono, 2 Problems: 1. Your DBM Style causes lags/freeze each time ist calls a warning (deactivated dbm style in config) (just recently at Garrosh Progress) 2. I use nugrunning updater for shadow priests http://howtopriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=4119 But everytime i load the client i have to usw /config to reposition th...
File: Mono UI12-25-13
Re: Re: Disabling Grid-like raid interface at bottom of UI
Posted By: m1lch
. I'd very much like to disable that. Would anyone be kind enough to point me in the right direction? What is the reason for disabling raidgrid in a raid-szenario? you donīt wonīt to see whats up with your raid? Eg if u use "Grid"
File: Mono UI04-25-13
Found some RaidDebuffs here http://...
Posted By: m1lch
Found some RaidDebuffs here http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info21344-r14.html: Copy & Pasted it in /oUF_mono/raid_debuffs.lua: Didn't put it into a Zone, just under debuffs, maybe someone can fix that but its working for me: --jinrok = 4, -- Focused Lightning --Horridon = 6, -- Stone Gaze (so it's > Sunbe...
File: Mono UI02-06-13
I added the debuff id in raid debuf...
Posted By: m1lch
I added the debuff id in raid debuff but its not working (too easy maybe ^^ how exactly did you add it? I just searched for debuffs and found raid_debuffs.lua in \oUF_mono added the spell id under Sha Of Fear but as I said it wont work ^^
File: Mono UI02-05-13
Hey Mono, we are trying Sha Of Fea...
Posted By: m1lch
Hey Mono, we are trying Sha Of Fear Hc right know and I need the "Huddle In Terror" Debuff to show on the Raidframe. Its not showing on the mono raidframe. (i got to switch to standard frame :( I added the debuff id in raid debuff but its not working (too easy maybe ^^ Maybe u can help ? Thanks Great UI btw.