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File: DuffedUI v810-17-14
"DuffedUI has been blocked from an...
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"DuffedUI has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI." usw kommt wenn ich Questitem im Questlog usen will (aus der tasche gehts) und beim Glyphenwechsel (wobei das ist fixed inzwischen)
File: DuffedUI v810-15-14
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File: Mono UI03-04-14
Dismiss Pet causes Error
Posted By: m1lch
Hi, Dismiss Pet (right click pet frame) causes an ui error an wow wants to disable ouf mono. Is there a workaround ?
File: Mono UI01-23-14
Re: Stack and Sort button in bags
Posted By: m1lch
Hi there. i love this UI!!! is there any way to get a stack and sort button or does anyone else know about a UI i can use to get Stack and Sort in my bags? :) Addon: BankStack works fine with monoui (sorts guildbanks either...)
File: Mono UI01-22-14
Hey Mono, 2 Problems: 1. Your D...
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Hey Mono, 2 Problems: 1. Your DBM Style causes lags/freeze each time ist calls a warning (deactivated dbm style in config) (just recently at Garrosh Progress) 2. I use nugrunning updater for shadow priests But everytime i load the client i have to usw /config to reposition th...
File: Mono UI12-25-13
Re: Re: Disabling Grid-like raid interface at bottom of UI
Posted By: m1lch
. I'd very much like to disable that. Would anyone be kind enough to point me in the right direction? What is the reason for disabling raidgrid in a raid-szenario? you donīt wonīt to see whats up with your raid? Eg if u use "Grid"
File: Mono UI04-25-13
Found some RaidDebuffs here http://...
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Found some RaidDebuffs here Copy & Pasted it in /oUF_mono/raid_debuffs.lua: Didn't put it into a Zone, just under debuffs, maybe someone can fix that but its working for me: --jinrok = 4, -- Focused Lightning --Horridon = 6, -- Stone Gaze (so it's > Sunbe...
File: Mono UI02-06-13
I added the debuff id in raid debuf...
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I added the debuff id in raid debuff but its not working (too easy maybe ^^ how exactly did you add it? I just searched for debuffs and found raid_debuffs.lua in \oUF_mono added the spell id under Sha Of Fear but as I said it wont work ^^
File: Mono UI02-05-13
Hey Mono, we are trying Sha Of Fea...
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Hey Mono, we are trying Sha Of Fear Hc right know and I need the "Huddle In Terror" Debuff to show on the Raidframe. Its not showing on the mono raidframe. (i got to switch to standard frame :( I added the debuff id in raid debuff but its not working (too easy maybe ^^ Maybe u can help ? Thanks Great UI btw.