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File: Bongos208-22-06
Not working for me in 1.12
Posted By: Axium
Originally posted by Tuller Sticky bar issue fixed, range coloring not yet :) Cleared out my bongos install and dropped bongos and bongos options into the addons directory, no bongos. Deleted my LUA files from WTF, still no bongos. Disabled all other addons but bongos and bongo options and still no bongos--doesn't look li...
File: Elkano's BuffBars07-02-06
Originally posted by Elkano hmm,...
Posted By: Axium
Originally posted by Elkano hmm, good point. I still have my minimap in the default position but I think you're right ^^ Is that gonna be fixed in a future version? My ebb starts off at the bottom of the screen unless I put a setting in visor for it (b/c that's where my minimap is).
File: Bongos205-06-06
Is there a way to directly edit the...
Posted By: Axium
Is there a way to directly edit the font used for action bar bindings? I use clearfont and whatever font it used before was mapped to one that is quite large and unreadible and was wondering if there was a programmatic way of changing that.