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File: Achshiyarshu PvP Script UI01-04-15
great ui but i have 1 problem the a...
Posted By: trancelolz
great ui but i have 1 problem the action bar arent center there off to the left some.. the intuprtbar looks to be center though... Are your character frames in the wrong position as well? You seem to be having the same issue as me Same for me, with both of the things.
File: Achshiyarshu PvP Script UI10-29-14
Re: Re: 6.0 bug?
Posted By: trancelolz
bar 1 was indeed showing up with the 5.4 script, i did mannage to fix all of the bugs yesterday and it's all ready for warlords right now About your second question: I have noticed positioning and scale differences in 6.02 script which had to be added, everything is solved right now scales and all of that are now fixed and wor...
File: Achshiyarshu PvP Script UI10-26-14
6.0 bug?
Posted By: trancelolz
Seems like i'm getting a bug with the new patch, bar1 is showing now, and it's massive. Other than that there doesnt seem to be a problem with the rest, have blizzard changed something with the way scripts work on textures etc with the new release?
File: FOTMSTOMPER UI05-06-13
I like it, thanks! thank you for...
Posted By: trancelolz
I like it, thanks! thank you for liking it! :D
File: DahangUI 1920x1080 (Wide)04-29-13
Hey man, i like the UI, but it seem...
Posted By: trancelolz
Hey man, i like the UI, but it seems like OUF if making my wow having a massive fps drops and making the game not playable in bg's. Is this a known issue? Thanks :) Hi, glad you liked it. I've had the same issue as well "and in arena", even tho my computer is up to date. I tried deleting my Cache folder and that fixed it. Not...
File: DahangUI 1920x1080 (Wide)04-25-13
Hi, i must say this is my new UI af...
Posted By: trancelolz
Hi, i must say this is my new UI after a looooong time of search ! This is a great ui i love it :) But i have a little question.Where i can change, when i open my bag, to see the little gold and silver.Just for example : 4852g 45 s 89 c Oh and how can you activate the experience bar ? Thank you ! (I'm french and sorry for th...
File: DahangUI 1920x1080 (Wide)04-15-13
Thanks, I've never really thought a...
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Thanks, I've never really thought about it as a whole picture, just used the font I thought would help me to see the most in various addon. I'll fiddle with it when I get home and make an update
File: SnailUI02-20-13
Posted By: trancelolz
This ui is so pretty! 'd love to see a moveui slashcommand or smth, since im shit with XY axxes :P