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File: KuiNameplates02-24-13
Re: Re: Placement issue
Posted By: zel1491
Have you tried unchecking "Fix aliasing" in the /knp options frame, then reloading the UI? I think that -should- fix it. Just doing that seems to have fixed the problem. I guess I really need to stop setting up my UI right after I get off of work. Thanks so much, love your addon.
File: KuiNameplates02-22-13
Placement issue
Posted By: zel1491
I just downloaded the KUINameplates after using DocsNameplates for a long time and then attempting to try TidyPlates (Which I hated). I think KUI is exactly what I'm looking for, unfortunately I am having an issue with the placement of the nameplates - which I am assuming is just a problem completely of my own as I have seen nothing...