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File: Qulight UI08-12-14
Change the fontsize of Nameplates
Posted By: Azīra
Hello i want to change the size of healt, my healt and healt of target and name pls. when i change in QulightUI\Config/config.lua, over interface change of size :/ sorry for my english it's very bad
File: OPUI03-01-13
installation problems
Posted By: Azīra
Hello, I come to you today because I have a concern, I have tried several times to install Opui 2.1, but when I type / reflux switch OPUI 2.1 has opened Elvui, reload it but does not change anything. This may be linked to the fact that I have a screen of 1366x768 therefore too small. That if you could help me and even better in...