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File: MayronUI Gen512-02-13
Posted By: Zenzara
Getting this error upon login: Message: Interface\AddOns\MayronUI\install\addons\Bagnon.lua:25: attempt to index global 'BagnonGlobalSettings' (a nil value) Time: 12/02/13 02:06:37 Count: 1 Stack: : ? Interface\AddOns\MayronUI\install\addons\Bagnon.lua:25: in function `InstallBagnon' Interface\AddOns\MayronUI\Setup.lua:929: i...
File: ZenzaraUI09-20-13
Oh I should probably mention... You...
Posted By: Zenzara
Oh I should probably mention... Your account name is not the same as your battle.net name (aka your email address). You can have several accounts under a single battle.net account. Before the battle.net accounts were released for WoW, you had just had a regular WoW account and you gave it a special name. Now you log in with your emai...
File: ZenzaraUI09-20-13
Guess this is a lost cause. All I g...
Posted By: Zenzara
Guess this is a lost cause. All I get is the standard Blizzard UI which is not what I want. I did notice something though, each time I log into WOW there is a new folder in ACCOUNT. When I click on the new folder , it shows all of the info on my last log-in. I even tried to rename that folder to my account name and still nothing....
File: ZenzaraUI09-19-13
Re: Will Not Work For Me
Posted By: Zenzara
I absolutely LOVE this, but no matter what I do it will not work for me. I've been using addons for years, and have never had the issues I am having with this one. I would probably sell my soul if I could get this to work. There is no graphics what so ever, just square boxes, and no Celtic designs in the corners. I wish I could get i...
File: VuhDo09-13-13
command issue
Posted By: Zenzara
I'm trying to load a profile by typing /vd load ProfileName but it won't even let me input the command! I press enter and nothing happens, the command line just sits in my edit box. Got this error message: 1x VuhDo-3.51\VuhDoEventHandler.lua:643: attempt to compare number with boolean VuhDo-3.51\VuhDoEventHandler.lua:643: in func...
File: ZenzaraUI08-22-13
Making panels
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Yea, that is the best way. I setup my UI using bare bones addons (basically the way I'd have it set without the art) and then I drew each frame in one by one using layers.
File: ZenzaraUI08-21-13
Nicely constructed. Nice Photoshop...
Posted By: Zenzara
Nicely constructed. Nice Photoshop skills. Love UI's like these using Photoshop with KgPanels, like mine. Graphical designs always inspire me :) Well done! Keep it up! Thank you :) I started with this Celtic design and I'm thinking of making a dragon one in order to give people more options. You are welcome to use my art anytime,...
File: ZenzaraUI08-20-13
I guess you didn't read that I was...
Posted By: Zenzara
I guess you didn't read that I was working on that... well it is up now anyway.
File: Satrina Buff Frame MOP Beta Version (v5.0beta)03-05-13
The curse version is working for me...
Posted By: Zenzara
The curse version is working for me: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/satrina-buff-frame