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File: Button Forge03-06-13
I'm not home right now, so I'll tes...
Posted By: xadz
I'm not home right now, so I'll test that later tomorrow. Thanks for the quick reply. However, it never actually needed anything from that sort on the past patches, started yesterday with Elvui... and when I wasn't playing with elvui it used to show the DOT I told you about. I really want to get rid of those range indicators,...
File: Button Forge03-05-13
Range indicator
Posted By: xadz
Hey Guys. I've been using Buttonforge for quite some time now ( i think around 2 years or so ) and i love it. But recently I can't seem to be able to take off the range indicator on my skills. It's either a question mark ( If I'm using Elvui ) that shows my melee range to enemy ( it flashes from red if out of range and white...