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File: Natur Enemy Castbar11-12-10
Can't see necb
Posted By: k1mm1poo
When I load the addon I don't see anything come up when I cast. I have tried to enable it again. I've tried the commands /natur and /natur anchor and nothing. What am I missing to enable this and/or get to the options? Thanks
File: SmartBuff11-27-08
Well Fed buff
Posted By: k1mm1poo
Since the update I am not getting an option to choose any of my food buffs. Why?
File: Quartz - Modular Casting Bar11-22-08
DOT bar size
Posted By: k1mm1poo
I've tried almost all the options and I'm sure I'm missing but could someone help. When I cast a DOT the countdown bar is very small and I would like it bigger so I can actually see it. Is there an option to resize it? Thanks