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File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)05-03-09
Excellent addon totalpackage!!!! R...
Posted By: Nantan
Excellent addon totalpackage!!!! Replaced my old DUF perfectly. I was wondering if you had any plans on adding nudge arrows to the positioning section of the config? Also is there a way to create saved variables for each character? Thank you again for all your hard work Nantan
File: Bagnon06-21-06
Not saving contents of alts
Posted By: Nantan
Hi Tuller, This is a great mod that I cant live with out. One thing came up since the 1.11 patch went live. It seems bagon is not saving the contents of my alts bags or bank. I get no errors at all. What is weird is the alts show in the list fine, I can open there bags/bank, but the item icons are gone. The quanity is shown, jus...
File: AceGUI06-20-06
Error as of patch 1.11
Posted By: Nantan
I get an error as soon as I get loaded up. Here is the error: AceGUI\AceGUIElement.lau:44:KC_LinkviewFrameSortBoxTier2MenuRow12' has no child 'DisabledText' I goes away as soon as I click "OK" and does not seem to create any problems as of yet. Hope this helps. Thanks