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File: MysteryUI_V503-18-13
Very nice UI! i have one question i...
Posted By: Youarenext
Very nice UI! i have one question is it possible to re size the scale of tooltip ? because i'm using a 1900x1200 graphic and looks biggest when mouseover the target and tooltip its bigger too :) Thanks
File: Rufio UI Classic03-16-13
Movable frame?
Posted By: Youarenext
Greetings , very nice and hopeful ui ;) i'm little confused only with one smaller problem i can't movable frames and target frame too and i have little bad image here is example ; http://img812.imageshack.us/img812/9976/wowscrnshot031613122954.jpg its on the TOP LEFT screen not like your on middle (center) can i know how i can fi...