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File: Cartographer08-15-07
Transparency Question
Posted By: Caoimhin
I'm trying to change the transparency for Cartographer so that the map is shown and not the tan area of the map, like the second screenshot. When I change the transparency it fades the whole map. Where is th option to fade the background area?
File: X-Perl UnitFrames08-15-07
Still figuring things out....
Posted By: Caoimhin
I've been using X-Perl for 4 months or more now. I must say that I do love it. Not only did it replace the unit frame mod that I was using, but it replaced a casting bar mod, a spell timer and and one or two others. There is one frame that comes up when I mouse over a character's frame in party or in raid. It has a series of colo...
File: DuckieBank06-13-07
Re: Re: Suggestion
Posted By: Caoimhin
Thanks for looking into it. I know it would help us out a lot, and possibly several other guilds as well. Originally posted by ybe I don't think this will be implemented as that is a bit of work, and with the Blizzard-bank on the horizon that will be held back until we see how Blizzard's solution is. What is the Blizzard-b...
File: DuckieBank06-12-07
Posted By: Caoimhin
Back again. I love the bank monitor function and also the ability to select which bags are bank bags. Quick Question ... Now the way I understand it, even if one of my monitors is not online, as soon as they login they should be notified that there is a new bank request. Correct? I have seen a problem when updating the bank....
File: DuckieBank04-30-07
Awsome Mod
Posted By: Caoimhin
I do love this mod. It seems to be the only one that streamlines the whole banking process. I would love to see a tracking feature implemented, as to who in the guild received which item and what they paid for it in terms of gold, DKP or nothing at all. Or if a member sends something to the bank and they get compensated for the it...