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File: KuiNameplates02-07-14
Posted By: Fantasy1337
Huge fan of the addon, was curious if their was a way to increase the size of the debuffs on the frames, and is it possible to increase the width of it as well, and not just the height? :D
File: Fantasy v301-14-14
Love the ui so far!! Best one I thi...
Posted By: Fantasy1337
Love the ui so far!! Best one I think I've downloaded in a long time! One problem is when I jump in a vehicle I can't use any keybindings! :(* Yeah, unfortunately I have no idea how to fix it, I really only PvP, therefore i never need to use vehicles, I wish I had a solution, but I don't. I'm sorry, glad you enjoy everythi...
File: Fantasy v301-08-14
Hi! when I install I love the inter...
Posted By: Fantasy1337
Hi! when I install I love the interface but my player and target frame are in the wrong place! They remain in the top left corner of the screen and I dont know how to move it :( You can right click on your player and target frame, go to move frame, and move it to where you like.
File: ArkInventory05-31-13
Part of addon
Posted By: Fantasy1337
I had a question, I was wondering what part of the AddOn hides how many slots are available over the bag bar. For instance, if you have 3 spaces left in your inventory, it will give you a (2) on the bag bar, but with this AddOn, you have to option to hide it, any part of the AddOn, in the specific folder do you know where the script...
File: Fantasy v305-29-13
Re: 5.3
Posted By: Fantasy1337
Any plans to update for 5.3? Yup! Just updated it now! Hope you enjoy! Thanks for the motivation to update it! You guys are awesome. ^.^
File: Aurora05-19-13
Posted By: Fantasy1337
What part of the AddOn re-skins the button font? Any help would be appreciated.
File: Fantasy v305-19-13
I created an account on this websit...
Posted By: Fantasy1337
I created an account on this website just to say thank you for this AWESOME UI. I've been looking for an interface as close to standard as possible, and this fits that bill and is absolutely gorgeous. I really hope you keep updating/improving this for a long time to come. Thanks for the great work! Thank you so much, that mean...
File: Fantasy v304-08-13
Hey, any chance to disable the tran...
Posted By: Fantasy1337
Hey, any chance to disable the transparent windows just like character info, quest info etc. Since my resolution is pretty low (notebook display) it sadly overlaps the chatframe and makes it really hard to see the buttons. Thanks :D I'm not really sure what this means. You can always go into your addons settings in the WoW in game...
File: Fantasy v304-08-13
Re: UI scale changes
Posted By: Fantasy1337
awesome job man! loving the clear space I have to work with. I'd like to make my action bars a little bigger though. I play on a laptop and they are so small I'm missing them when I try to click. I tried to change the default UI scale but it blows the character frame up too. Anyway to just change the size of the bottom bars? Yes!...
File: Fantasy v303-31-13
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Hey man, i love the UI and i can see that you're a rogue, i'm fairly new to rogues .. so i was hoping if you can share you "macros-cache" ? :) thanks man Yah, I definitely can. I use very simple macros such as, Focus Disarm, Focus Gouge, Focus Cheap Shot, and normal macros such as target arena 1, 2 etc. I also use other simple one...