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File: LightHeaded12-09-14
Re: Re: Re: Log window
Posted By: uakrongrad
TYVM, Reposting because the Lightheaded Dev should see your code, and implement at least a variation. it really works TYVM !!!! FWIW I made a very simple macro (/lh show) and then dragged the button to an open slot on one of my action bars. It's not as good as the old interface (and I'm also hoping it returns) but it's a re...
File: LightHeaded03-24-13
It's all good...
Posted By: uakrongrad
Thanks for the wonderful addon (Lightheaded) Even if it doesnt have 5.2, it is still AMAZING! Questing with Lightheaded has helped me out sooo much. Take your time, You earned it! It's all good! Whovian- HU Holy Pally (alexstrasza)