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File: LightHeaded12-22-14
LightHeaded / Carbonite 6 (Rythal) collision
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When running these 2 addons, there is a 1+ minute startup freeze and a 2-second stutter. As I am a fan of this addon (anyone that can suck data from WoWhead deserves props), would you and Rythal mind coming to a resolution? /note As I am drunk before Christmas, don't mind the sentence fragments
File: BuyDropper07-27-10
Originally posted by Myster Was f...
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Originally posted by Myster Was first I heard about this, did some checking and realized I didnt package the embeds properly, new release fixes this. That did the trick. Thanks :)
File: BuyDropper07-25-10
Would someone post the required cha...
Posted By: CyberZombie
Would someone post the required changes to BuyDropper.toc to get past the loading errors? I must be doing it wrong; have the Ace3 libraries installed and have attempted (unsuccessfully) to add AceConsole-3.0 and AceHook-3.0 to the optional dependencies list...
File: Ion Action Bars08-05-09
Originally posted by H0PE Sorry f...
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Originally posted by H0PE Sorry for dumbing around... This isn't a new featured "totem bar" isn't it? Any tricks to make that work somehow? It is an attempt to access Blizzard's new Totem capabilities - i.e., the ability to drop 4 totems in a single cast.
File: Ion Action Bars03-10-09
Pet/posess not showing
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I'm sure this has been answered before, but I had no luck getting answers from the faq, official thread, nor google... I am having issues with the possess and/or pet bar not automatically showing when I mount a vehicle, summon Humar, etc. I summon and nothing appears to happen - I have to click on the Macaroon button to enable cha...
File: Examiner11-25-07
Great mod - was a SuperInspect user...
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Great mod - was a SuperInspect user until a few weeks ago when I looked for replacements. Unfortunately, I'm going to move back one revision as the newest release crashes WoW.
File: ItemRack01-19-07
I would be happy with an event-free...
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I would be happy with an event-free itemrack. It's a simple matter to use the fubar plugin combined w/ macros to accomplish the same thing with minimal overhead (mainly when mounting)...
File: ItemRack01-16-07
I'm getting some massive delays whe...
Posted By: CyberZombie
I'm getting some massive delays when using Itemrack - 10-20 seconds. This only occurs when swapping in/out the offhand slot (moving to/from a staff). This limits my playstyle quite a bit ('hold on - need to swap my +dmg set for the +heal set on these mobs'). Reading below, is it related to the error spam going on behind the scenes?
File: Cartographer01-11-07
Originally posted by DohNotAgain...
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Originally posted by DohNotAgain I get my updates from this repository: http://www.wowace.com/files/ Try the ones there and see if some of the problems are resolved. I took a look at the list - a whole bunch of Cartographer plug-ins. Before I get too far, what is a good recommended set?
File: FuBar -- FishingBuddyFu12-24-06
Originally posted by Sinjyn Thank...
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Originally posted by Sinjyn Thanks for the update but FishingBuddy already supports both FuBar 2.0 and Titan Panel in the download, just thought I would let you know. Sutorix wrote FishingBuddy and apparently now maintains it on the ui.worldofwar.net site. From a comment there, the fubar plugin has been fixed post-release to r...