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File: tullaRange04-18-13
don't know why button:SetScript('On...
Posted By: itrulia
don't know why button:SetScript('OnUpdate', nil) is used. It crashes many addons and tullarange works without it
File: iGreyOut04-15-13
not planned yet since I have massiv...
Posted By: itrulia
not planned yet since I have massiv work to do with my UI and my work. sorry
File: iGreyOut03-25-13
It only works with the base actionb...
Posted By: itrulia
It only works with the base actionbars, I shoulda wrote it in the description. Explanation: Bartender and Dominos create own actionbars, rActionBarStyler modifies the blizzard one. Doesn't seem to work for me. I use Bartender, Masque, InlineAura and OmniCC that modify the buttons, so I expected there to be errors. There wasn't...