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File: Altz UI for Legion01-09-18
have 2 errors
Posted By: męgic
thanks for the great work :) I just installed this and got 2 errors, any solution ? 12x AltzUI\mods\tweaks\raid tools.lua:326: attempt to index local 'WorldMarkButton' (a nil value) AltzUI\mods\tweaks\raid tools.lua:326: in main chunk Locals: T = { ShortValue2 = defined @AltzUI\core\api.lua:24 Updatehe...
File: TipTac12-22-16
Different anchors in/out combat
Posted By: męgic
Hey, Thanks for this addon. I have a question: is it possible to set a different anchor for the same tooltip when in or out of combat? Thanks again.
File: LUI v310-17-14
Portrait not showing faces
Posted By: męgic
Hi!! First of all I want to thank you for the best ui addon ever made and for keeping it updated. thx :) I'm having some troubles with my portrait, it only shows a part of my character's body instead showing her face. This happen to every portait, sometimes it only shows faces on target portait when i change target. Is that a sort...
File: CombustionHelper08-30-13
Mage bomb tracker
Posted By: męgic
Hi, first of all thanks for this great addon!! I have an annoyng issue with the new version, mage bomb tracker will reset its position every time i log off and back in, is there a way to fix this? I have tried to unlock and lock but it doesn t work.
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit07-13-13
Posted By: męgic
hi, I have some problems to configure this ui as i want, I'm italian aswell, i would like to ask you if we can speak in-game so i can get all my problems solved. TY :-)
File: Tidy Plates03-31-13
Re: Re: Need help with specific auras list
Posted By: męgic
Ty so much I got it now :) any chance i can add also buffs my target gains like pally bubble, iceblock and so on ? The spell might have a name and ID that is not the same as the original spell. For example: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=55021 You might have to do a couple tests with a unit frame addon. Or, add a line (tempo...
File: Tidy Plates03-30-13
Need help with specific auras list
Posted By: męgic
Hi, thx for this great addon. I'm tryng to add counterspell and improved counterspell to the specific auras list, i got all spell ids from wowhead, but it doesn't work. Any suggestion?