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File: Prat 3.002-05-15
Love this addon but frustrated with...
Posted By: zebuthecow
Love this addon but frustrated with it. Second time I have gone to click a bonus roll and prat somehow became the addon the game decided to block- by the time I disabled it, the timer was up- we just downed Ruk- world boss. UGGGGG
File: BuffWatcher11-07-14
So sad. This has been one of my...
Posted By: zebuthecow
So sad. This has been one of my favorite, have to have addons for years now. I wish you luck, my friend. I will look for a replacement. This does work with 6.0+. I used it the last half of the beta with no real issues. I am, however seeing lua errors and a possible performance hit. If I have the time I will update for each o...
File: BAB Auras (WoD)08-28-14
Nice surprise
Posted By: zebuthecow
Thank you for your time and energy creating and maintaining this addon. I was looking for an addon to move the auras to an easier to read location. This does the trick. I have not found a need to create the different sizes and shapes for each row of auras, but I can foresee this in coming months when WoD goes live. This could work...
File: Malsumis® Font Changer03-30-13
Thank you
Posted By: zebuthecow
I love this addon. Just re-downloaded it when I realized I misplaced it over the past few years. Keep up the great work.