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File: MattyUI09-05-13
Good job on this! Keep up the good...
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Good job on this! Keep up the good work! :cool: Suggestion would to have the powerbars be classcolor. Hey thanks a bunch pal :D Yeah that's a pretty solid idea. I'll mess around with that a bit today. I have to re-upload it anyways because of the profanity in the Skada titles lol :\
File: MattyUI08-30-13
Hi! first of all, really clean and...
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Hi! first of all, really clean and good ui love it! :) But i got a little problem, Got a small bar under my character and i cant remove it :( .. Do you know what it is? Also, what is that "Laser" sound? :P How do i remove it? :P Sorry for the late response, That is some druid bar being...
File: MattyUI06-06-13
Hey mate Isn't there a proper load...
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Hey mate Isn't there a proper loadable profile for Hermes? If I set it to Catfishmatty or Default it is still just in the middle. Oh, forgot to say thanks for a really, really nice User Interface :) I can't even remember what it was :( I've made changes/updated for 5.3 I'll have the updated version up here by tomorrow.
File: MattyUI05-14-13
Re: Re: Setup
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I've done all of your setup steps and everything is where it should be... but what is this? After further investigation, it turns out that it's the Hermes addon which starts in config mode. That would be the Class Monitor addon which I only enable for my Paladin and DK... I'll add that to the i...