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File: MattyUI09-05-13
Good job on this! Keep up the good...
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Good job on this! Keep up the good work! :cool: Suggestion would to have the powerbars be classcolor. Hey thanks a bunch pal :D Yeah that's a pretty solid idea. I'll mess around with that a bit today. I have to re-upload it anyways because of the profanity in the Skada titles lol :\
File: MattyUI08-30-13
Hi! first of all, really clean and...
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Hi! first of all, really clean and good ui love it! :) But i got a little problem, Got a small bar under my character and i cant remove it :( .. Do you know what it is? http://i.imgur.com/FlTvBi9.jpg Also, what is that "Laser" sound? :P How do i remove it? :P Sorry for the late response, That is some druid bar being...
File: MattyUI06-06-13
Hey mate Isn't there a proper load...
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Hey mate Isn't there a proper loadable profile for Hermes? If I set it to Catfishmatty or Default it is still just in the middle. Oh, forgot to say thanks for a really, really nice User Interface :) I can't even remember what it was :( I've made changes/updated for 5.3 I'll have the updated version up here by tomorrow.
File: MattyUI05-14-13
Re: Re: Setup
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I've done all of your setup steps and everything is where it should be... but what is this? http://i.imgur.com/6zvVsCu.png After further investigation, it turns out that it's the Hermes addon which starts in config mode. That would be the Class Monitor addon which I only enable for my Paladin and DK... I'll add that to the i...