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File: MayronUI Gen501-07-14
Bottom bar not working?
Posted By: Fiordie
So on the bottom bar; where the broker micromenu and friends and guild is; its blank. The only thing that shows is the micromenu and the combat timer. I cant seem to find the other parts in the files and reinstalling hasnt helped?
File: MayronUI Gen512-26-13
Re: A little confused..
Posted By: Fiordie
I downloaded this ui because it gives me the perfect visual set up for healing, but I have a couple of questions/concerns.. First; I run with a mouse, so when I'm in a party or raid I hold down both keys to move. The only issue this is causing is that it keeps moving my raid frames. Instead of moving, I fling my party members all...
File: MayronUI Gen512-25-13
Not detecting correct resolution?
Posted By: Fiordie
Hi, For some reason when i hit install, it detects my resolution as 720x576, when my resolution is 1920x1080. the Bonus features window is scaled incorrectly due to this, and i cant confirm changes.
File: LUI v304-03-13
Hardly any options?
Posted By: Fiordie
It feels like I'm missing a lot from the addon, just based on the screenshots I've seen and what my friends have told me. The biggest one, is my action bars. they don't look like the ones in the screenshot nor what my friends have. There is massive spacing between each button, but there isn't an option for me to fix it. also the dark...