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File: Mono UI10-22-13
Raid Frames / UnitFrame Castbar Help
Posted By: Castria
Heya Mono let me start by saying love this WONDERFUL UI. I'm Having bit of an issue with the castbars on the Unitframes they are under the player frame and i have it set to be on the player bar i right click to see if i hat castbar under check and its not but it remains on the bottom under the player frame. Raid frames Is there...
File: SnailUI04-05-13
Action Bar Question
Posted By: Castria
is there is a code line i could add to the player1 and player2 action bars to show the backgroud by default instead of mouse over maybe something like ( arrow marks the code example meaning ActionBars = { Player = { Anchor = "BOTTOM", Buttons = 10, Height = 24, Width = 48, -----> Bar_Show...