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File: mbXtremeUI 5.004-28-13
Gladius /fixed! Tested. it works...
Posted By: Dronkos
Gladius /fixed! Tested. it works perfect now! BTW is it advised to keep addons up to date? or just wait till you update em and share it with ur fans ?
File: mbXtremeUI 5.004-25-13
Posted By: Dronkos
Been using this for a while now, updated the minimap myself after your tip. Only problem im still having is a error when i log in about gladius, tho i used wowmatrix to update all the addons so that might be it, but after that error it seems to work fine so dont care. Just wanted to say how freaking awsome your pack is, the fir...
File: mbXtremeUI 5.004-22-13
Posted By: Dronkos
http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q481/nguyentx77/errors_zps2015a53a.png Hi love the addon can you helpe me with this error? Same problem as above, been trying to find out whats causing it, but cant seem to figure it out Seem's to happon when looting mobs.