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File: We Don't Wipe05-18-13
Cant move the addon
Posted By: Florblar
Thanks for your reply got that sorted out now but have encountered a new problem. I can not move the addon from its original position. Can resize and change all other options just cant move it. Very frustrating :/ Any ideas? I have followed the advice from the mouse over to no avail.
File: We Don't Wipe05-03-13
Non DPS CDs in suggested rotation.
Posted By: Florblar
Great Addon! Just what I was looking for for my mage. However is there a way in the interface to remove non dps cooldowns from the suggested rotation? In the current format, in the "Main Queue" it is prioritising things like Ice Barrier and Ice Floes. Useful but not essential parts of the rotation for me as I might need to sav...