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File: CCBreakWarner06-21-07
Re: Re: Request: Breaking Soon Message
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That's why I said it was a tangent. I was wondering if there was a way to identify the raid icon in use on your focus target so you could announce it to other people. Obviously you could just assign one on purpose and announce it, but very often things don't happen the way you plan and you find yourself controlling a different targ...
File: CCBreakWarner06-20-07
Request: Breaking Soon Message
Posted By: vaedin
Sorry if any of this is already covered, but I haven't had the time or opportunity to try out the addon just yet. Sap cannot be reapplied and it is more useful for the tank to know when it is going to break rather than when it is broken. It would be very cool to have the option to tell your party or raid that "Sap on
File: X-Perl UnitFrames05-24-07
2D Portraits Disappearing
Posted By: vaedin
I kept 2.2.1 after the patch and noticed the 2D portraits disappear for myself and party members sometimes. I'm on 2.2.2 now and it still happens. 3D portraits seem fine so I am using them for now. No error message or anything. They just go away and the frame shows the background color.
File: Bongos205-23-07
Stance Problems - Likely Not Bongos Issue
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Just for reference, there are posts all over the main WoW Bug Report forums of people having these same issues with stance bars not switching properly when entering and leaving combat or changing stances. Several of the posters claim they have absolutely no addons that would affect things or that they disabled all addons and the pro...
File: TransporterFu05-10-06
Transporter.lua:233: attempt to ind...
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Transporter.lua:233: attempt to index field `?' (a nil value) Cascaded error messages on startup with new version.