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File: BlkUI10-03-13
Hello there, I have done every u...
Posted By: HHE
Hello there, I have done every update available to Aurora and still cannot seem to get a readable quest log. Any more help on this particular issue? Also is this UI exclusive to 1680x1080 ? as im running 1680x1050 and the chat box im guessing is out of place as a result. ** Edit, also how do I open the calender ? lol...
File: BlkUI05-09-13
Adding New Offensive Ability Bars
Posted By: HHE
Hey there, First of all, thanks for your time and effort for this wonderful suite. I have a simple question. How can I add Bad Juju and Talisman of Bloodlust procs to the Offensive Ability Bars just like Renataki. Thanks!