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File: BlkUI06-22-13
Re: Re: Chat frame
Posted By: Cardflip
Share the files please. I would share them, but I don't exactly have the right to do that :(. Just type /kgpanels config and look at chat box frame and chat box toggle and chat box toggle 2. Find the "onclick" script (you can find that by extending "active panels" and extending "chat box toggle" and the 2nd one. Delete the line w...
File: BlkUI06-21-13
Chat frame
Posted By: Cardflip
I'm having some issues with the new chat frame. If I toggle to show the chat frame, two windows appear the the black corner outline is cutting through what appears to be the normal chat box (seems to be chat box 1). Chat box 3 appears and fits with the black corner outline but does not show any information inside of it, or messages....
File: BlkUI05-19-13
Great addon, my favorite UI thus fa...
Posted By: Cardflip
Great addon, my favorite UI thus far. I'm wondering if it's possible to add debuffs above nameplate frames that the player caused to enemies? Doesn't have to be a huge icon, just big enough so I notice if a player is still sapped/blinded/gouged/whatever. Ok I see the option on TidyPlates: Damage and it is enabled with a full li...