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File: Wullie's UI08-18-13
My cast bar?
Posted By: Fride2013
Hi man, I love the ui pack and the way everything is set up :D I couldn't wow without it. one question tho, how can I move my cast bar, at the moment its down below the 2 action bars at the bottom of the screen, in the middle I've tried looking through move everything and shadow unit frames but can't find out how to do this Thank...
File: Wullie's UI05-19-13
Target Buffs
Posted By: Fride2013
Hey Wullie, love this UI pack its great. One question tho, how can i "turn on" or get the buffs of my target to show, be it friend or enemy. Atm i've got the nameplate of the target down the bottom right of the bottom action bars like in your screenshots but i can't find a way to display their buffs. thanks in advance!