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File: Rare Announcer10-16-13
For the love of whatever you belive...
Posted By: EvolinEU
For the love of whatever you belive in! Implant a function that STOPS the spam of raretime and the answer of the timer on Timeless Isle. Everytime 1 player writes "Raretime Houlon" or w/e, it spamms the whole chat with 40+ lines of the exact same response. I belive Fatility and PheonixStyle has a function like that.
File: MayronUI Gen505-22-13
Totally adore this addOn pack! Did...
Posted By: EvolinEU
Totally adore this addOn pack! Did add my pet's frame next to aspect bar (I play a hunter). Did also install the addon Stay Focused for personal benefit. Only "issue" I have after 5.3 is that Leatrix is giving me a window everytime I log in :) (Nothing to update in Curse Client when it comes to Leatrix) How it looks for me atm...