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File: MayronUI Gen510-22-14
I'm sorry for having to ask this bu...
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I'm sorry for having to ask this but how can I make the 'Rend' aura show up on the target? :( In SUF I have all auras enabled yet it doesn't show up.
File: MayronUI Gen510-20-14
K, I fixed every problem I had on m...
Posted By: karrde2oo8
K, I fixed every problem I had on my own by thinking for like 5 minutes instead of panicking :D. But I really like the old version of the portaits that you used. Is there any way I can switch to those without breaking anything? Because using the old files right now makes the right bars dissapear completely for me.
File: MayronUI Gen512-02-13
I started leveling a lock currently...
Posted By: karrde2oo8
I started leveling a lock currently and I'm wondering, can I see the resource bars like burning embers/demonic fury somehow? Or will I have to install NugComboBar?
File: MayronUI Gen3 Old Style - Plugin11-21-13
This doesn't seem to work for the 3...
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This doesn't seem to work for the 3.0.2 version or I'm too dumb to figure it out. Nvm, it worked, looks like I really was too dumb.
File: MayronUI Gen511-21-13
Re: Experience Bar
Posted By: karrde2oo8
Hey mate love the ui, still figuring things out, but i cant seem to find how to show an experience bar...little hint bro so when leveling i have an idea on my xp cheers It's hidden, top of the screen. If you mouseover you can see it.
File: MayronUI Gen511-17-13
Thank you for reporting that. I wis...
Posted By: karrde2oo8
Thank you for reporting that. I wish SLDataText author would put out an update to fix it. The annoying thing is that it does work, but the error box comes up. I'll look into getting a fix for this. Make sure the Parrot addOn (for the scrolling combat text. /parrot) is set to the Default profile and not MayronUI like the old versio...
File: MayronUI Gen511-17-13
I got some problems with the addon...
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I got some problems with the addon atm. I still get the error 'SLDataText_Friends has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI.' when clicking the friends button on the bottom. And the scrolling combat text doesn't show up on the sides like it used to. It shows up in the middle and it's super messy, everything sh...
File: MayronUI Gen511-03-13
Re: Re: Re: Healing player unit frame
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*edit* I do normally watch grid 100% when I'm in a group as far as managing my HP goes. But I'm a nutter and like to solo as a healer, so when grid isn't up I get confused. I was also VERY used to the DPS health bars (which had taken some time to get used to initially, but I really grew to love them). So my eyes are just adjusting. ;...
File: MayronUI Gen510-10-13
I had to restart the PC and somethi...
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I had to restart the PC and something happened to Parrot and whatever is in charge of the cast bar because I think they reverted to their original settings. I have no idea how to deal with this because I'm a noob ;( I did reinstall the whole addon, still same things. Combat text is not showing up on the sides anymore, it's right in t...
File: MayronUI Gen505-22-13
Hey, I keep getting spammed with 'Y...
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Hey, I keep getting spammed with 'You are not in a raid' while doing LFR, do you happen to know why?